The 10-Point-Plan – Optimum Preparation For Your ISPO MUNICH Tradeshow Visit

To guarantee the most efficient use of your time at ISPO MUNICH, follow these ten important tips to prepare.

1. Review Brands
Check which brands and products your company sells most successfully (A and B brands). Also ask your staff members: What brands do clients prefer? Which additional labels would compliment your selection? Focus on the manufacturers of these brands.

2. Visit The ISPO Website
Get information at the ISPO website: Which events are of interest? Check the side event calendar. Find out everything about our seminars, training sessions, parties and the Brand New Area: subscribe to the ISPO Newsletter.

3. Set Up Meetings
Schedule meetings with your A and B brands as well as potential new brands in advance. Our tip: Set up meetings nearby to avoid time-consuming “hall hopping”. We recommend a maximum of twelve meetings per day.

4. Schedule Time For Inspiration
Make sure to schedule some free time between meetings to gain some inspiration from the new trends exhibited at ISPO MUNICH. This will allow you to discover new brands and visit interesting exhibit booths.

5. Order ISPO CARD Or Event Ticket In Advance Online
Order your event ticket or ISPO CARD online prior to the exhibition. You will benefit from comprehensive discounts and offers such as complimentary use of Munich’s public transportation system. Save time and money:

6. Book Travel And Accommodations
Take time to make the most important reservations in advance. Plan your air, car or railroad travel. And don’t forget to book the appropriate accommodations in Munich.

7. Plan Activities In And Around Munich
What interests you about Munich and its surrounding areas: sports, culture or sightseeing? Take advantage of your visit to the City of Munich to do some shopping in the many exciting shops the metropolis offers. Or enjoy a daytrip to the Alps.

8. Prepare Business Information
Prepare important information, e.g. on planned events and new store openings. Plan your meetings in advance: what topic to discuss with each company. Take advantage of your time at ISPO MUNICH for targeted questions on products, pricing and shop support.

9. Maintain Contacts
Are there more people you want to meet at ISPO MUNICH: colleagues from other shops or representatives from your agencies? Plan time to maintain these business contacts. Plan a lunch or dinner with partners and friends.

10. Include Updates On The ISPO Website In Your Planning
Check the ISPO website again shortly before ISPO MUNICH and use our app. Find out about the latest news and program updates, and include them in your pre-event planning.

More Proven Tips And Recommendations:

  • Bring a trolley or backpack to transport catalogues and goodies
  • Pack chewing gum or mints
  • Bring a sufficient supply of business cards
  • Remember to bring your credit card
  • Pack a calendar or notepad for notes
  • Bring a stapler to attach business cards
  • Start a vitamin regimen three to four days prior to your ISPO MUNICH visit


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