Low emission zone

Emissions sticker required in the city centre

Munich’s city zone has been designated as a low emission zone. All streets located inside the "Mittlerer Ring" are considered to be in the low emission zone, for which a sticker is required. The "Mittlerer Ring" itself is not in the low emission zone. Since October 2012 only vehicles with a green sticker are allowed to drive into the low emission zone. Vehicles with a red and yellow sticker are not allowed to drive into the centre of Munich.

The emissions stickers are obligatory for low emission zones in Germany also for foreigners!

The restriction applies to ALL vehicles from within Germany as well as from foreign countries. Vehicles without emissions stickers may not pass through the low emission zone otherwise a penalty of 40,00 € and a penalty point in Flensburg impend.

The emissions sticker can be ordered directly from the German TÜV or DEKRA or online:

Further information in several languages can be obtained from www.umwelt-plakette.de.


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