2016: Martin Axelhed, CEO, Fjällräven, Sweden:
“The ISPO MUNICH 2016 offers the optimal platform on which we can position Fjällräven as a brand in a global environment. I have been a big fan of ISPO MUNICH for many years and every year look forward to in-depth and successful work at the exhibition. We are pleased with the large number of international visitors to the event. The 365-day-concept promises us a lot of potential—we want to use the services even more in the coming year. The special highlight for this year was winning two ISPO AWARDs.”

2016: Kai Tutschke, CEO DACH, GARMIN, Germany:
“ISPO MUNICH 2016 could not have been any better for us. This was also reflected by the interest of the media and the orders from our dealers. ISPO has established itself as a fixed element of our trade show appearances for our company. We appreciate the important dialog with our retailers, journalists, athletes and opinion leaders. We were very pleased with the growing Health & Fitness market having received more attention both in the exhibition itself and with a larger exhibit hall, and we are looking forward to next year’s ISPO MUNICH.”

2016: Sebastian Ditschler, Trade Show Coordinator, GoPro, Germany:
“Despite the new exhibit hall distribution ISPO MUNICH 2016 was a great success for us. Particularly the high amount of visitors to our booth on Sunday and Monday made us very happy. This year the focus of our exhibit booth concept was on virtual reality and this received great feedback from the visitors. ISPO is a very important exhibition for us, and we will certainly return in 2017.”

2016: Polly Wu, Project Manager, Hyperbola Textile, Taiwan:
“The trade show was very successful for us. We not only gained new contacts and potential customers, we also met a lot of existing customers. As a get-together for the industry ISPO offers us the chance to get to know a variety of brands and their products. We are already looking forward to ISPO MUNICH 2017.”

2016: Maximilian Nortz, Managing Director International Business Europe, Blackyak, Korea:
“Even though we have exhibited at ISPO MUNICH for the last three years and are among the biggest fans of Messe München, ISPO MUNICH 2016 is a milestone for the Blackyak brand in many respects. It is not just the launch platform for our global collection 2016, which we have developed over the last two years, and thus the starting shot for our operational activity in Europe, but also the foundation. Therefore we are even more pleased that we did not just receive grandiose feedback from the retail side, but also impressed the ISPO AWARDs jury at our debut. Thank you, and we look forward to ISPO MUNICH 2017!”

2016: Ariane Vorwald, Marketing Manager, Johnson Health Tech, Germany:
“This year our highlight was winning not one but two ISPO AWARDS. Product of the Year in the Health & Fitness category: Matrix—In-Trinity and Gold Winner in the Products category with the S-DRIVE PERFORMANCE TRAINER. In addition, we were able to use ISPO MUNICH again to maintain contact with our existing customers, and are also happy with the quality of the new contacts. The newly created Health & Fitness area offers an extraordinary platform for our company to present our new products. We will certainly return in 2017.”

2016: Rolf Schmid, CEO, Mammut, Switzerland:
“For many years ISPO MUNICH has been the international hotspot in terms of new technology in the sports and outdoor industry. Networking with our global partners is essential and ISPO MUNICH offers the ideal conditions in a comfortable atmosphere. Our exhibit booth was very well frequented and our product highlights from the Avalanche Safety, Ski Touring and Freeride segments were under intense scrutiny from interested visitors. All in all, ISPO MUNICH is always an inspiring and motivating start to the new business year.”

2016: Andy Schimeck, Managing Director, Marmot, Germany:
“The redistribution of the exhibit halls had a positive effect on us and resulted in increased visitor activity at our booth. A special highlight this year was the very positive impact of the premiere of ExOfficio’s participation in ISPO MUNICH 2016.”

2016: Elena Frigerio, Trade Marketing Specialist, Oakley Sport International, USA:
“ISPO MUNICH is and remains the get-together for the industry. ISPO offers the ideal platform to start a dialog with the right customers. During the first two days we welcomed a number of national and international visitors. We are very pleased with the way the trade show worked out for us, and will definitely be back in 2017.”

2016: Norbert Kessler, Head of Brand Management, UVEX Sports, Germany:
“ISPO MUNICH 2016 was extremely successful for us and is the most important exhibition for winter sports contacts for us. In addition to a number of new products our success was dominated by the ISPO AWARD GOLD WINNERs UVEX Variotronic and P.8000 Tour. The award is a special highlight for our 90th company anniversary. We are looking forward to 2017.”

2016: Bernhard Ritzer, Global Brand Director, O’NEILL, Netherlands:
“We are very positively surprised by the frequency of visitors. ISPO simply is the industry get-together, and very important to revive old and gain new contacts. The exhibition is very interesting, compact, and you get the perfect overview of brands and innovations.”

2016: Hilmar Bolle, Country Manager, Rossignol Ski, Germany:
“We received very positive feedback from retailers and customers this year. The high number of visitors is a great success and validates the concept of this year’s open, unrestricted and communicative exhibit booth. Skiing is still a topic that spawns great emotions. We are looking forward to the next Come Together in 2017!”

2016: Reiner Gerstner, Group Brand & Marketing Director, Salewa, Italy:
“The ISPO’s reach has changed tremendously in the last few years. We live in a globally networked world that focuses completely on Munich on four exhibition days. On the other 360 days we reach our target group with the help of the digital services provided by ISPO. At the trade show itself we meet our key stakeholders and maintain a dialog with the industry and players such as Greenpeace. This is important so we can satisfy the wishes and demands of our customers. Only if we understand the challenges of the future we can work together and change the world to the better for the long term.”

2016: Giacomo Bertocco, Marketing Officer, Tecnica Group, Italy:
“We are very pleased with the exhibition and definitely reached our goals. It is a must for us to come to ISPO MUNICH; we can look back on many successful years at this trade show. It simply is the most important exhibition in the sports business—in the world. Of course we will be back next year.”

2016: Oliver Brandes, International Sales, Thermore Group, Italy:
“We are very happy with how the exhibition went for us, and we were able to gain a few new and promising contacts. ISPO MUNICH is very important for us and we are planning to be back in 2017.”

2016: Dr. Antje von Dewitz, CEO, VAUDE, Germany:
“We can look back on an ISPO MUNICH 2016 with a very high frequency of visitors and exhibitors. This year, the topics of sustainability, social and ecological products as well as production have become much more relevant to the target audience. It makes us happy to see that due to our involvement VAUDE has taken on a pioneering role, also at ISPO MUNICH 2016. We were very pleased by the direct and positive feedback from customers and journalists.”

2016: Hannes Asam, Marketing Manager, X-BIONIC, Switzerland:
“As a high-tech brand ISPO offers us the optimal platform to present technical innovations. ISPO distinguishes itself with the large variety of exhibitors and provides us with the opportunity to launch new partnerships.”

2015: Wolfgang Mayrhofer, General Manager, Atomic Austria GmbH, Austria:
“Overall, ISPO was very successful for us. We were able to meet with our entire portfolio of customers and promote a segment expansion. ISPO is the channel to work on diversification. We are especially proud of receiving an ISPO AWARD for our new, extremely light all-mountain ski series. We are certainly planning to come back to Munich in 2016.”

2015: Maximilian Nortz, Managing Director International Business - Europe, BlackYak, Korea:
“ISPO MUNICH as a platform provides us an opportunity to get in touch with the right customers. If you want to become successful on the European market as a new brand you simply cannot bypass ISPO MUNICH. We benefitted from ISPO MUNICH’s international network and are very impressed by the high quality of visitors. We will be pleased to come back for ISPO MUNICH 2016 and present our global collection.”

2015: Christian Dreszig, Head of Marketing, bluesign technologies ag, Switzerland:
“Despite the weekday change the exhibition was a definite success for us. bluesign considers ISPO rather an image event, yet this year we held several successful meetings and even closed some business. We gained a lot of new and good contacts. We noticed in particular that there were many first-time ISPO visitors among them. This shows that the exhibition is growing!”

2015: Thomas Gröger, Country Manager Germany, Fjällräven GmbH, Sweden:
“The set-up period was too short and caused us additional expenses, but the high frequency of visitors at our booth during the first two days made up for the added expense. As well as the two ISPO AWARDs we won. ISPO is and remains the get together for the industry and for brand development. This is where you network and communicate. We will be back in 2016.”

2015: Rainer Schramm, Managing Director, Head Germany:
“For us, ISPO MUNICH is the most important winter sports contact event. Particularly in regards to the marketing mix the show provides us with the reactions to our new collection and we consider it a barometer. Despite the lack of snow at the beginning of this winter we can be positive about the future in terms of orders. The level of interest in our new products was very high! We will return to ISPO MUNICH as an exhibitor in 2016, and we are glad it will once again run from Wednesday to Sunday.”

2015: Ulrich Kürschner, Head of Business Unit SPORT Germany, Kettler, Germany:
“The first two days of ISPO MUNICH 2015 were super. We welcomed many national and international visitors to our booth, had great dialogs, and closed quite a few orders. Overall, a positive atmosphere permeated the show. Hall C1 is exactly the environment where we feel comfortable. Retail and industry get together at ISPO. We will come back to ISPO as an exhibitor in 2016.”

2015: Rolf Schmid, CEO, Mammut / President EOG, Germany:
“In addition to numerous new products two topics dominated the exhibition: weather and exchange rates. Both are challenges we can only meet with the help of long-term rethinking – both as a brand and as an industry.”

2015: Andy Schimeck, Managing Director, Marmot Mountain Europe GmbH, Germany:
“From Marmot’s vantage point ISPO 2015 was a great success. We were able to introduce our new products and present our brand in a positive way. The atmosphere at our exhibit booth was very positive on all trade show days, and we are looking forward to welcoming many more visitors when we return in 2016.”

2015: Alexander Rau, Marketing Coordinator, Polar Electro GmbH, Germany:
“We were please to introduce our latest products, in particular the Polar A300 at ISPO. ISPO is the platform to maintain contact with our existing customers. It is highly likely that we will return in 2016.”

2015: Peter Lenerius, Marketing Director, Rehband, Germany:
“ISPO MUNICH 2015 was a complete success for us, and visitor numbers at our booth were very high. The exhibition is a great platform to present the development of our brand and our product portfolio. Of course, a very special highlight of ISPO MUNICH was the ISPO Product AWARD presentation for our Force Ankle Brace Light.”

2015: Reiner Gerstner, Group Brand & Marketing Director, Salewa, Italy:
“ISPO MUNICH is perfect for us as brand strategists, because brand affiliation is consistently in play within the community. Retail can learn how to set a brand and the accompanying lifestyle into scene, and thus provide customers with plenty of important impulses for purchasing. The fact that our society is part of a global and digital network is evident all over ISPO MUNICH, which has its benefits for our company as many important contacts are made here. However, this also makes us responsible and challenges us to consider our customers, mountain sports enthusiasts from all over the globe, and their demands as active co-creators of our brand. Likely this also includes transparency of our pricing structure. This is a great challenge that we, as a brand, want to face together with retail. ISPO MUNICH as a business platform helps us attain this long-term goal.”

2015: Christophe Weissenberger, Business Unit Director Brand & Product, Schöffel Sportbekleidung GmbH, Germany:
“Like every year the quality of the visitors to ISPO was extremely high. It was noticeable that this year the company decision makers (board members, CEOs) came to the show. Customers from Asia particularly expanded this year’s range of international visitors. We are very please with the way ISPO MUNICH 2015 worked out for us.”

2015: Oliver Brandes, Sales for Western Europe, Thermore, Italy:
“We very much enjoyed ISPO MUNICH 2015. We feel very comfortable in hall C2 and with the ISPO Team. To us, ISPO is the most important exhibition in the market, which was also proven by the visitors to our booth. Especially on Thursday our booth was bursting at the seams, and we were able to have great, successful meetings. We are definitely coming back in 2016!”

2015: Robert Schiller, Business Unit Director, Transatlantic Fitness, Germany:
“We had very positive feedback as a new product line at ISPO MUNICH 2015. We reached all our goals. We were particularly pleased with the international visitors. ISPO is very important for us as a trade show, and we will very likely return in 2016.”

2014: Stefan Wahlén, Managing Director, Patagonia Europe:
Foremost of all I would like to heap some praise on ISPO MUNICH. The support we at Patagonia received was exceptional. Our move from hall B5 to A3 and the new booth set-up was the correct choice. We are now in a place where we see ourselves as a brand. The hall concepts at ISPO MUNICH are clearly structured and the exhibition center in Munich is outstanding. The trade show went more than well for us. What we noticed is that ISPO MUNICH is increasingly turning into a multi-segment exhibition. Every brand is there, resembling a multi-brand store.

2014: Rolf Schmid, CEO, Mammut / President EOG:
As always, the trade show in Munich went very well for us. The frequency of visitors was very high and our discussions very positive. The focus on the outdoor segment is increasing. We are returning home with a very good feeling.

2014: Didi Serena, CEO, Kjus:
We are very pleased with the frequency of visitors to our booth. Thanks to a very selective access to our booth we were able to have very positive and constructive meetings with our most important customers. Another highlight of the event is certainly our ISPO Gold Award.

2014: Armin Fuchs, General Manager, Amer Sports Central Zone:
Our exhibit booths were very busy and the atmosphere was better than expected. ISPO MUNICH continues to be an important platform on an international level.

2014: Martin Riebel, CEO, Deuter:
ISPO MUNICH is particularly important for us as a platform to present our winter sports segment to German retail. Though we came with our entire sales team to also service the international market. Many Koreans and other Asians visited our booth. We have had a long-time cooperative relationship with ISPO. We feel very good here, the team has a proactive approach towards us, and we are very well taken care of.

2014: Klaus Hotter, Executive Vice President / Division Manager Wintersports, Head:
ISPO MUNICH worked out exactly the way we expected it to. The atmosphere is positive, visitors expressed a lot of interest, the frequency of visitors to our booth was also very good, and the audience was very international.

2014: Olaf Jäger, Key Account Manager, rfe europa (adidas training hardware, reebok fitness equipment):
The redesign of hall C1 was successful. The frequency of visitors was also very positive. Compared to last year the selection in this exhibit hall has become a lot more interactive. We also took advantage of our booth for product presentations. We use ISPO MUNICH as a platform to introduce retail concepts and to network.

2014: Marcel John, CEO, Transatlantic Fitness GmbH (TRX):
This is the second time we are at ISPO MUNICH as an exhibitor as the exclusive general importer of TRX, Trigger Point and Dynamax for Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Italy. We are very happy that the creation of the new Fitness & Health Area made it possible to show the potential growth of the fitness industry and to integrate retail. The trade show makes direct communication to relevant decision makers among the retail sector possible. In addition, the organizers of ISPO MUNICH impressed us with hassle-free and uncomplicated communication.

2014: Alex Pardo, Director Filial, Babolat:
Babolat was present at ISPO MUNICH to support the Spanish Sporting Goods Association (afydad) and to further the internationalization of Padel Tennis. We were pleased that the visitors exhibited such a high level of interest in our sport. We also want to thank ISPO MUNICH for such a well-organized trade show, which allowed us to gain valuable contacts. In short: Munich was a wonderful and attentive host for the introduction of Padel Tennis to the public.

2014: Axel Reintges, Country Manager DACH & BeNeLux, Bullitt Group (Caterpillar Phone):
Bullit Group was able to impress sports retail with its new outdoor phones Cat B100 ad B15 during our first appearance at ISPO MUNICH. We welcomed many visitors and had in-depth discussions with retailers at our exhibit booth. The additional contacts from regions like Asia, France, Italy and England made it clear to us that we can be successful on a global level. Our participation in ISPO MUNICH was a great success.

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