New concept for Action Sports Community

Hall B6: With ISPO POLYGON back to the roots

Our main goal as always is to bring your and our business into the next level within the action sports community according to the new challenges in the market. We were asked to be flexible/functional, ROI focused, standardize and open minded. Well, here we are with ISPO POLYGON.

This standardized “ full package “ concept is strongly ROI focused and easily affordable to every single brand, distributor or rep. Choose between four different packages. The main segments are Snowboard, Street & Urban, Sneaker and Skate.

We will run a middle walk way at hall B6 with the well-known ISPO Platforms Longboard Embassy, Tailgate Munich, Sneakology, etc., as well as a central ISPO POLYGON Meet and Greet Bar. A Networking area within the concept it’s a great business opportunity to all of us.

For more Informations about POLYGON, please have a look at the ISPO POLYGON presentation (28,817 MB).

Ensure your place and take part when the action sports community returns to its roots.

Your 6 benefits as an exhibitor:

  • Access for the entire industry: exhibition space design with four different booth packages and personal branding opportunities. Concept fits for small brands as well as for global market players.
  • Open business atmosphere: 100% focus on B2B activities. The polygonal structure is centered around the main aisle and reaches all booths for the entire community.
  • Community set up: Central food & beverage areas in the exhibition space guarantee networking within the community.
  • Daily program: Complete program with ISPO Academy, after work music, art exhibitions and other activities. Perfect Location for Meet & Greet.
  • Proven concept: Has been tested at ISPO MUNICH already in various segments, e.g. ISPO Vision, Health & Fitness.
  • All in: Get the complete package for a fixed budget. No hidden extra costs.


Get an impression of the new hall layout for B6. All stand packages of POLYGON at a glance.

Watch now!

First responses from the action sports industry:

Tommy Delago, owner and founder NITRO:

„Principally this concept is heading into a good direction. The arms race for the best booth has to end, otherwise no one will come anymore. The business has to find itself again, the products have to be the main focus. The new concept takes account of this. The inviting, open design will enhance the open communication the Snowboard Industry is known for and It is very reasonable, for the economy alone, when it’s not only about the staging, but the products.“

Marian Kaeding, General Manager Europe MERVIN:

„This is a very exciting approach, especially because the industry, the companies, have been made a part of it. Not to manage it past the brands, but to risk innovations together, is the right signal for the sector, especially in these times. I feel like the new approach is fresh and that the sector has taken it upon them in a good way. On the one hand, because the concept allows more brands to be able to afford it again. On the other hand, because the business is in foreground again and gives the change to strenghten the community. Important is for me that with this concept the individual companies won’t keep to themselves anymore, but move together as a community. This way ISPO MUNICH becomes a neutral platform, into which everyone brings their content with the goal to interchange information.“

David Pitschi, Global Brand Manager SALOMON:

„I think it is very important that the image of the brand can be in the center of attention and the identity of the brand is emphasized. And this happens the best with the products. This is why my express wish would be to have a on-snow snowboard testing. It will be important to see how the keyplayers will involve themselves, this has an impact on the whole industry and the trade. the concept is very interesting and offers a new approach, I believe it’s strong if everyone commits to it.“

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