Visitor Invitations – Increase the Success of Your Trade Show Appearance

By applying targeted visitor marketing you can ensure that the customers you are most interested in will visit your trade show booth. There is nothing less efficient at an exhibition than leaving everything to chance and expectation.

Why are visitor invitations so important?
According to current polls, invitations are the most effective form of customer marketing there is. Exhibition invitations offer an exceptional opportunity to positively distinguish your business from the competition ahead of time, and ensure that visitors are actively reminded of your ISPO participation. Furthermore, the majority of even visitors plan their visit in advance. Take advantage of these facts and use targeted event invitations to set up scheduled meetings with your contacts.

How can I distinguish myself from other exhibitors with my invitation?

Create multi-level invitations to increase the attention of your (potential) customers. It is best to use a variety of media types. You can, for example, start with a “Save The Date” email, followed by an invitation in letter form, and a reminder call when the exhibition date gets closer.
In addition, it is beneficial to make a visit to your trade show booth especially attractive:

  • Make visitors curious about the innovations and products you will present.
  • Include special benefits, such as vouchers for a one-day ticket, an invitation to a party at your booth or to a presentation, or special give-aways.

In our experience, the higher the value of the invitation, the higher also the chance it will be redeemed.

A sample invitation for your customers is available for down load under the following link:

Vouchers for a one-day ticket


  • Effective customer retention and generation of new customers
  • Fostering of relationships
  • Increased frequency at your booth

Paper vouchers for a one-day ticket feature the exhibitor’s name and hall/booth number. After receipt of your order we will send you the vouchers via postal service. Mail them to customers you would like to invite to your booth. Your customers can easily redeem their vouchers online at

Online vouchers for a one-day ticket
We will send you an excel file with the numbers of the online vouchers by e-mail after we receive your order. For example, you can integrate the numbers in a mail-merge letter or e-mailing and send them to your customers. Your customers can easily redeem their vouchers online (from autumn 2016) at

Starter Package of Vouchers for a one-day ticket
Each exhibitor will automatically receive a starter package of 100 Online vouchers by e-mail after confirmation of the space proposal.

Prices ISPO MUNICH 2016:
Vouchers (paper): 21 EUR incl VAT, per voucher
Vouchers (online): 18 EUR incl VAT, per voucher
You will be invoiced only for those vouchers actually redeemed.

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